Monday, October 4, 2010

Women's sexual oppression

I've been thinking a lot the last couple of evenings about just how misogynistic our society today truly is. Women are told we must be rail-thin and flat at all times; We are told we must wear makeup and spend hours on our hair every day. Women are told they must dress skankily and be loose in general to have men like them.. Yet they are also told that no man wants a slut. Sexually-liberated women are called sluts and shunned; women who are conservative and who save themselves for relationships are prudes. Do you see the insanity?

Men who are sexually liberated; the ones who sleep with friends or multiple partners, are celebrated. They are congratulated and no one ever says anything about their morals. A woman who does such things? My gods, she is a slut and someone to be shunned.

Why is it that a man can sleep with whomever he wishes, but a woman is confined to a relationship partner at the least? It's silly and outdated. A sexually liberated woman is not a slut, she is someone who is comfortable with her body and who chooses to share it with people she enjoys spending time with.

I do not refer to men or women that just go to bars on weekends and go home with the first person they encounter. That is meaningless sex; and not what I'm speaking about. Sex is a wonderful, natural, healthy thing to do and a woman should not be labeled a slut for doing what almost every person does.

So many double standards in this world, but this is probably one of the silliest.


  1. What is really upsetting is that there are plenty of women in our society who promote these attitudes as much, if not more, than their male counterparts.