Monday, October 4, 2010

Women's sexual oppression

I've been thinking a lot the last couple of evenings about just how misogynistic our society today truly is. Women are told we must be rail-thin and flat at all times; We are told we must wear makeup and spend hours on our hair every day. Women are told they must dress skankily and be loose in general to have men like them.. Yet they are also told that no man wants a slut. Sexually-liberated women are called sluts and shunned; women who are conservative and who save themselves for relationships are prudes. Do you see the insanity?

Men who are sexually liberated; the ones who sleep with friends or multiple partners, are celebrated. They are congratulated and no one ever says anything about their morals. A woman who does such things? My gods, she is a slut and someone to be shunned.

Why is it that a man can sleep with whomever he wishes, but a woman is confined to a relationship partner at the least? It's silly and outdated. A sexually liberated woman is not a slut, she is someone who is comfortable with her body and who chooses to share it with people she enjoys spending time with.

I do not refer to men or women that just go to bars on weekends and go home with the first person they encounter. That is meaningless sex; and not what I'm speaking about. Sex is a wonderful, natural, healthy thing to do and a woman should not be labeled a slut for doing what almost every person does.

So many double standards in this world, but this is probably one of the silliest.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Two years, thrown out the door, just like that. I saw it coming, but that didn't prepare me for the amazing pain. He told me he loved me. He wanted us to have a commitment ceremony done. I told myself I was just paranoid, nothing was wrong, he still loved me. I was wrong. Everything was wrong. He doesn't love me. He did it gently, still wants to be friends.. That does minimize the pain a bit. But the knowledge that my love doesn't love me, will take away my sunshine for a very long time.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long; I'd like to say I've been busy but I've mostly just been hanging out, enjoying myself. Lazy days spent with my partner, watching seasons of Star Gate and laughing as his dog jumps on the bed and rearranges everyone on it to become comfortable. I am now back home in the city; and I am both glad to be home and wishing I was still there.

Tomorrow I will arise bright and early to head in to get my coursework; I am looking forward to the stimulation of further learning, not so much getting up ontime for when I am required to be there. More to follow, thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interesting night.

Tonight my partner and I were asked by his brother if we minded thawing out some mice and giving them to his adolescent red-tailed Boa Constrictor. After holding the poor, frozen baby mice in a hot water (They were in a plastic bag), we brought them into his room and got comfortable to watch the snake eat. We put two of the mice atop a rock inside the enclosure, and put another in the floor of it. The snake had come out from its hiding place at this point, arching up toward the bag as we lowered it into the enclosure. The snake moved toward the rock with the two mice on it, and my partner and I lay down on the bed about three feet away, our heads directly across from where the snake was on the rock.

This was when things got strange.

The snake seemed to make eye contact with me. We stared at each other for what felt like forever. I moved my head to the right, maintaining eye contact. It moved it's head to the right. Thinking a fluke, I moved my head back. The snake did the same. These were the subtlest of movements; my partner was right beside me. But I did it enough times to be sure, the snake was following me. I felt like I had connected with Kale.. We held each other's eye contact and I felt myself building some kind of adrenaline rush. I can't explain it, it was as though my body was getting pumped for something. This stopped when I broke eye contact with Kale. I locked eyes with him again, and felt my breathing become almost heavy, along with the same adrenaline rush. Maybe we had connected on such a level that I received some of his feelings; I'm not sure. We were still staring at each other, (to the best of my memory) when suddenly he lunged, mouth open, in a strike. But it wasn't the mouse he aimed for; he lunged right at the glass toward me. I gasped; jumped back, and dug my nails hard enough into my partner's leg that I feel guilty. He had made a strike at me.(How he does toward his prey to eat.)

I don't know what happened; all I know is I made an incredible connection with a snake tonight. I think I'll go see if he ate any of the mice now. Goodnight everyone. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Outdoor Dogs

My partner and I spend a fair bit of time at his parent's house, and I'm absolutely saddened by only one little fact: That they have outdoor dogs. This is not their fault, the dogs are not housetrained and there's not really a way to train them as their only remaining outdoor dog is around ten years old. She's the sweetest girl, never pulls on her leash or jumps. My heart just bleeds for her. They love her, they make sure she has her food, water and shelter, and we walk her. But still, it doesn't make me feel any better. Day after day after day she's stuck out there, alone and sad. We actually recently saved her life.. A chance walking of their trained dog led us to discover that weeds had tangled around Roxy (She gets herself stuck on many things, the weeds are now cut down) into her collar and were asphyxiating her. My partner managed to hack through the collar and free her, but the sight of her collapsed on the ground losing air will never fully leave me. She doesn't deserve this..I just feel so horrible for her, it's unreal. At night you can hear her cry when it's time for her dinner.. But is she really crying just for that?

There really isn't another option. There are no farms around that would take her, and even if they did, they'd have to keep her outside. A pound would euthanize her before she'd become adopted.

So it falls to us (mainly my partner and I, as his parents can't really take over all the walking, etc.) to walk her, cuddle her, and tell her we love her. She's so happy when we take her for walks.. I took her off her chain this afternoon and she BOLTED for the fence, sticking her nose through and waiting to be allowed to roam. I love her, I wish there was a way we could train her; but this is not our house and there's no way we'd be allowed to try and train her here without serious property damage.

Anyone who thinks about getting a dog and keeping it outdoors: Please don't. If there is any other option besides the pound, please don't.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The spirits in this house.

I visit the house of my partner usually only on holidays/days I can leave the city for a few weeks without any problem. I've noticed them before, but recently they've been more active in the house.. We share this house with spirits of some sort.

I've seen what I can only call "minor" or "smaller" ones in shape, that never seem to interact with us personally. I get glimpses of them moving about the house occasionally, especially in my partner's room. They're small in shape (The ethereal shapes and shadows that I can see, anyway.) and never seem to make contact or come nearer to us than being in the same place. They don't feel unfriendly, I imagine they're just getting on with their business as we are.

Occasionally though, we encounter "larger", more threatening entities. We went walking in town one night, sat down in an nearby school yard and just sat and talked. I happen to glance to one side of me for a moment and saw something very strange. It was a large shadow, shaped like a large dog or a wolf. This one, did not feel overly friendly. I saw it for a split second, and it was gone. I didn't tell my partner, and we went home. A day or two later at night, he came in the room and sat down. He told me that he thought he saw a dog at the bottom of the stairs. A shadowy figure, just like I'd seen the other night. I didn't tell him about what I'd seen until after he told me this.

Yesterday night we were talking, and he happened to mention that he'd been walking past another room, and thought he'd seen his dog in there, sleeping. Thinking nothing of it, he proceeded into his room, and saw his dog in HIS bed. We're not sure what it is, but there's something very dog/wolf-like in the house. His experiences may be unrelated to the form I saw when we were out that night.

They have had five previous dogs over the course of their living in this house, four have passed on and one recently ran away. (We're holding out hope that he was taken in, because none of the local pounds have him.) I suppose it could be one of their dogs who remained in the house.

These are not the only forms we've seen, my partner had a problem with a very invasive one that terrified him for quite a while a few years ago.

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abortion Rights.

Today I'd like to deviate slightly from the usual subject matter of the blog and bring up something that I find really important: Abortion rights. Specifically, ignorant people who bash/condemn/humiliate women who have had abortions. It's not enough that this woman has had to terminate her own pregnancy, go through intense physical and emotional distress and trauma, and probably spend the rest of her life crying at random times because the memories are just that strong; (I have had the unfortunate role of confidante to friends who have had this procedure, I am not making these up.) but let's condemn her and make her want to kill herself while we're at it!

What is wrong with some people?

Not really being okay with abortions is fine, it is your personal preference and there's nothing wrong with that. But when people actively seek to condemn people who have had an abortion, and try to take away their right to do so.. That is wrong.

Who are these people to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body? They have no idea of the circumstance, of the financial, physical, and emotional state of the woman. They have no right to try to intimidate and scare a woman out of having an abortion if she chooses to do so, and equally no right to condemn her afterward for what she's done. No one wants to have an abortion, sometimes they are necessary.

These "religious" people who stand outside abortion clinics holding up signs, or the fanatics that bomb the clinics.. Who are they to judge, exactly? Are they without "sin", guilt, etc? No, they are not. (Especially seeing as if you bomb an abortion clinic, you're going to kill people. Where are your commandments now, hmm?)

It just makes me sick to see so many people condemning innocent women for what was probably one of the most difficult choices in her life. People need to take a step back and lose their holier-than-thou attitude.